Professional kit car projects in and around Coventry

Here is your opportunity to take a closer look at the completed projects by Irntam Kitz, and how we have consistently met our
clients’ unique demands throughout each and every build.

Ken’s Dax Rush

At Irntam Kitz in Coventry we have renovated a number of Dax Rush kit cars according to our customers’ specification.


What with work and everyday commitments, I never got around to finishing off my Dax Rush that was purchased some years ago. There were times it looked and felt like I would never get round to finishing it. This is when I decided to start looking around, to see if I could get my project completed. After making a few calls and contacting a few people, I found Irntam Kitz, and looking at the services they offer, I decided to go to my local kit car show at Stoneleigh and have a chat with Irntam Kitz about completion. Martin came out to our home as promised and had a look at my project and the state of build. Now I did realise, this may not the cheapest way of completing my project but, if you’re like me and just don’t seem to have the time (although Martin did point out I’m not alone in this position), it became evident to me that this is the best option, as a car not being worked on, let alone being driven, is no good to anyone, so I decided then to use them.

The really great thing about using Irntam Kitz is that they take all the hassle of getting the car up and running, chasing all the necessary paperwork for the IVA, and of course, dealing with the DVLA to register it. All I had to do is give Irntam Kitz my car, and when it was ready a little later, turn up and drive it home with a full tank of fuel knowing that it’s all going to work because they’ve test driven it for 150 miles, and checked it all over. So I get the peace of mind that I would have no problems. One of the great services that Martin at Irntam Kitz offers where possible, is a New Present Day Registration! So there’s none of this Q plate malarkey or an old number plate off the Sierra from the 1980s.

Best of all, I now have my nice newly registered Dax Rush and have the pleasure of going to my garage, jumping in to it and going for a drive,
many thanks Martin!

Regards Ken

Pilgrim Sumo – built in Coventry

At Irntam Kitz, our team of experts have the expertise and equipment to build
the kit car of your dreams.
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Dax 427 in Coventry

Choose an experienced team to build your kit car. At Irntam Kitz, we have a number of years of experience to ensure your kit car build is of the highest quality.
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Westfield Megablade kit car built in Coventry

Trust the qualified team at Irntam Kitz to assemble a powerful kit car from
Westfield Sportscars to suit your needs.
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Luego Velocity built in Coventry

The team at Irntam Kitz can offer professional help to build your Luego sports car by using genuine high quality products at amazing prices.
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Dax Rush 2.0 Twin Cam completed by the experts

Make your kit car stand out in the traffic with the help of the experienced team at Irntam Kitz of Coventry.
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Robin Hood 2B kit car – built here in Coventry

If you need a Robin Hood kit car assembled, the team at Irntam Kitz will be able to help you in a professional and efficient manner.
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Westfield SE kit cars, assembled in Coventry

Enjoy motoring in and around Coventry with a kit car manufactured by Westfield Sportscars and assembled by Irntam Kitz.
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J.Robers - Bedworth - West Midlands - Great British Sportscars' Zero

“I bought my first kit car at GBS Zero as a project during 2009 that I really wanted. The Zero had all the trick bits and pieces as an unfinished project of the first owner, making it a kit car I could really do something with. After some considerable examination, my father and I realised we needed some help to complete the kit. My father and I decided Martin could do the job. On arrival to collect my Zero, my father and I noticed that the fuel tank was full, 12 months’ tax was on the window, and there were a pair of new registration plates fitted. My car was ready to go! I have never driven anything like the Zero. It’s easy, responsive, accelerates from nothing, and feels absolutely fantastic! It feels great on the road and does exactly what I want it to. My father says it’s absolutely rock-steady and looks fantastic. I go to work in it sometimes, and I’m out in it every opportunity I get. Full credit to Martin & staff at Irntam Kitz for my completed kit car as promised. All I have to do is drive it!

Thanks Martin.”

The team of specialists at Irntam Kitz offer comprehensive kit car projects to suit your needs and budget in Coventry.

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